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Pro Voice (1-5 Lines)

VTel has been connecting people for over a century, and that kind of experience makes for a good business partner. Let us help you connect, whether to your community or to the rest of the country, and we guarantee the best experience at the best value. Every service we offer is backed by our two VTel guarantees:

Guarantee One:玩个球体育直播 If you ever feel we could have served you better, simply tell us. We’ll credit you a free month’s service, once a year, no questions asked.

Guarantee Two: If you ever find a lower price for comparable service, simply tell us. We’ll give you $10 for your call. If we can’t beat the lower price, you can cancel your service with no termination fee. We’ve never met a price we couldn’t beat.

GigE Pro Voice Plans

Choose from our menu of plans and services below. To save even more money, check out our Double Play and Triple Play packages. For more than 5 lines, check out our Hosted Voice solution.

Pro Voice

20 hours of local calling
1,000 Instate Min. ? 80,000 Local Min.

Pro Voice with Long Distance

1,000 Interstate (US & Can.) Min.
9,000 Instate Min. ? 40,000 Local Min.
Add additional lines with shared minutes at $19.95 per mo/each

Included Features
Caller ID: Name and Number ? Voicemail ? Caller ID: Number Only ? Call Waiting ? Call Forward ? 3 Way Calling ? Selective Call Rejection ? Selective Call Accept ? Call Return (*69)

Get $20 off when you bundle with Internet!

The services and prices listed on this page are current as of today, but are subject to change in the future, and do not include applicable taxes and regulatory fees.

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