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Data Barn

VTel Data Barn in Wallingford, VT

About the Data Barn

All VTel customers get access to 2 terabytes of cloud storage in the VTel Data Barn, so you can access all your files from any of your devices. Your files are securely stored on our servers in the barn pictured above in Wallingford, Vermont.

With the VTel Data Barn, you can also:

  • Organize your contacts and calendar, and sync across your devices
  • Manage your web bookmarks

For more info on how to use all these functions, see our 。

How Much is 2 Terabytes?

Well, it’s definitely a lot! (The following quantities are approximate.)

  • 500 movies
  • 400,000 songs
  • 600,000 photos
  • 190,000,000 pages of Word documents

Get the App

To use the Data Barn on mobile, or to sync with your computer, you need to download the Nextcloud app from the following link.

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